What's in Stock At Our Self Serve Car Wreckers


Pick-A-Part, Melbourne's PREMIER self serve car wreckers, stocks most makes and models of vehicles. Below you can search our database for vehicles out in the yards this week.

As we are completely self serve, you would need to visit us to see if the parts you require are available for you to remove. We are unable to advise availability of parts over the phone.

If the vehicle is not listed in the dropdown or restricting the model years shows no results the vehicle is not in stock.

This list is updated on a regular basis, however it is not possible for the details to be completely accurate due to the constant replenishment of Stock.  Please use this information as a guide ONLY.

How much is that?

Trying to budget for a repair or rebuild? Check out our highly competetive price list here. With our flat pricing structure, it doesn't matter if it is a 1971 VW or a 2007 Commodore all the prices are the same.

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