• Money, Payments & Refunds
    We accept cash, EFTPOS, and most major credit cards.
    We do not accept cheques without prior clearance, nor do we carry accounts.
    Please choose your parts carefully, as we do not exchange or give refunds or credit unless you have purchased a warranty. If there are exceptional circumstances (and no warranty), refunds, credit or exchange must be authorised by Management.  It is important to retain your receipt, as we will not exchange, credit or refund without one.

  • Warranties
    A time-limited warranty is available on car parts, for a small additional fee.

  • AA Recycling complies with the Scrap Metal Industry Code of Compliance (15 Jan 2004),
    as published by the Australian Taxation Office.

    We hold Licences -

    LMCT Number: 7217
    Secondhand Dealers Registration: 3449
    Public Weighbridge Licence: PW-0247

Safety First At Melbourne's Premier Self Serve Car Wreckers

It is a condition of entry to all Pick-A-Part and AA Recycling premises that customers:

Wear closed shoes or boots
Leave Kids, Cats, Dogs, etc. at home
NO CHILDREN under 15 permitted in the yard. 15 - 18 year olds to
  be accompanied by an adult
Comply with our No Alcohol policy
Comply with our No Cameras policy




Make it easier on everyone! AA Recycling are a Scrap Metals Receiving Centre - not a Waste Transfer Station. We do not accept general household items or rubbish, other than those specified.

Self Serve Car Wrecking

When recovering auto parts from Pick-A-Part vehicles:

Bring your own hand or battery operated tools and trailer. No mains-powered tools allowed.
There are no hydraulic wrenches available onsite, and we do not allow oxy torches.
Trolleys are available for use, free of charge.
A long tubular metal handle placed over the short handle of your tools can provide added power when removing tough parts. A lubricating spray may also assist. As will a flashlight.
If you are recovering a heavy part, bring two people.
Wear closed-toe shoes, jeans/overalls, leather riggers gloves, and wrap-around safety goggles.
Wear clothing you know will resist corrosives (work overalls).
Identify the car make and model, and double check that the replacement part you have targeted bears the same part-number. Some models are built as a range, and have interchangeable parts.
If in doubt, check out car manufacturers and car clubs, who often publish lists of interchangeable parts. Also, check out auto-repair manuals held by your local library