Steel Recycling Melbourne

The chances are that at least some of the old rubbish you have lying around contains steel components. Scraps from renovation projects, car repairs, and other discarded household items containing steel shouldn't just be thrown away to sit in landfill. Steel is a valuable resource that can be recycled and turned into something new. Our recycling facility accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, including steel. Our scrap metal dealers in Melbourne make recycling a breeze. All you need to do is bring your scrap metal to our yard in Kilsyth, and our friendly staff will process it in a timely and efficient manner before providing you with payment.

What happens when steel is recycled?

The steel pieces are fed into large shredders or crushers which break the scrap into smaller pieces. Ferrous scrap is separated from non-ferrous scrap and other materials using magnetic separators. Steel is an alloy of iron mixed with a variety of other ingredients such as limestone, manganese, aluminium and nickel, depending on its use. Pieces of steel scrap are chemically analysed to determine their alloy composition, and then sorted by type. Scraps will then be melted down for reuse in the production of new steel products. Please keep in mind that we're a Scrap Metals Receiving Centre - not a Waste Transfer Station. We don't accept general household items or rubbish, other than those specified.

The benefits of recycling scrap steel

Recycling ferrous metals has many environmental and financial benefits. It diverts items from landfill, reduces the need to extract and manufacture raw materials and contributes to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling steel uses 75% less energy than making steel from natural materials. All steel types are 100% recyclable and can be reused as many times as needed. Pick A Part is proud to be a leading choice for scrap metal recycling in Melbourne. Contact our scrap metal dealers today to learn more and request a quote. Alternatively, you can visit our scrap yard, conveniently located in Kilsyth.

Steel recycling Melbourne can trust

Why do the people of Melbourne come to us to recycle their steel? It's because we're the leading metal recycling team. Our focus is purely on ensuring a complete service for all customers. Not only will we pay you for your scrap steel, but we'll also provide additional services to enhance your experience. That means coming to collect your metal or vehicle from your property and paying you for these goods quickly. With our team of metal experts, you can expect to be dealing and communicating with the best in the business. You can be sure that when you come to Pick A Part and AA Recycling, you're dealing with the premium name in steel recycling Melbourne wide. We're experienced professionals here to help you with all your metal recycling needs.


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