Public Weighbridge Melbourne

We have a public weighbridge Melbourne vehicle owners can use (PW-0247) onsite here in kilsyth. Itís open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. The weighbridge is quick, accurate and simple to use with easy drive through access. Bring what you need to weigh and then drive onto the weighbridge and view your reading. Youíll be given an Accredited Certificate to use with things such as trailer registration, engineering reports, transport loads and weight verification. Contact us in Kilsyth on 03 9728 3855.

How to use our weighbridge in Melbourne

We recommend that while at the weighbridge Melbourne vehicle owners consider at least four important weights: Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), Gross Trailer Mass (GTM), Tare and Tow Ball Maximum. The ATM is the most that your caravan can weigh, with everything in and on it while unhitched. Itís the maximum weight that each wheel and the jockey wheel impose on the ground all added together. The maximum allowable ATM will have been set by your vehicle manufacturer and stamped on the compliance plate. In order to ensure the accuracy of your weight make sure the gas cylinder(s), water tank(s) and fuel tank contain about the same amount of liquids as the next time you do a full payload weight check, as this may alter your readings. For more information or assistance, speak to a member of our team.

Why use a weighbridge?

Safety - Itís essential to ensure that your vehicle and tow arenít overweight and are safe to be on the road. The Transport Department is becoming increasingly vigilant with vehicle weight checks, handing out hefty fines and even impounding vehicles that donít meet requirements.
Insurance - If your vehicle is in an accident and exceeds its maximum weight limit, thereís a good chance that your insurance provider will reject your claim regardless of whether youíre the one at fault.
Registration Compliance - Have you modified your vehicle since you purchased it? Use the weighbridge to check what affects your upgrades or downgrades have had on your vehicle, caravan or trailer.
Performance - Have an upcoming track day or need to know what your power to weight ratio is? Come down to our public weighbridge in Melbourne and get the figures you need.

Campervan & caravan weighing

Understanding the weight of your campervan, caravan or trailer is essential for any owner, for safety, security, and to avoid penalties. If youíre wondering how much your caravan or camper trailer weighs, using a public weighbridge is the easy solution to finding out. Our public weighbridge Melbourne can be used to separately record the weight of the axle/s to ensure transport regulation compliance. For a used caravan, itís best to weigh it before you buy it as it may have been modified or had additional equipment fitted after manufacture which could affect its maximum weight and carrying capacity. For a new van, weighing before you buy is also preferred. Especially if youíve added special features or equipment that could affect its total weight and what you can carry.


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