Commodore Wreckers Melbourne

Pick A Part are the biggest Commodore wreckers Melbourne wide. We specialise in all model Holden Commodores, ensuring we're looking after one of the biggest vehicle models in Australia. We have a team of car disposal experts that carry out our car removal service. If there's an old or damaged Commodore that's creating an eyesore on your property or blocking your driveway, contact the team at Pick A Part. Call us today and speak to a member of the team or fill out our online form and we'll get back to you to arrange pickup or dropoff of your vehicle for wrecking.

Environmentally responsible recycling

We're not just in the business of providing quality spare parts at a reasonable price, we're also in the business of reducing automotive waste to benefit the environment. Up to 82% of a regular vehicle can be recycled rather than sitting in landfill. By reusing parts, we're also minimising the number of new parts that need to be manufactured each year, again reducing emissions and excess waste. We carefully remove all hazardous fluids for responsible disposal, the viable car parts are reused and the bodies recycled for use in metal production. By choosing to use a spare part or selling your Commodore to us to be used for spare parts, you're helping to improve our environment.

Self serve commodore wreckers Melbourne

Get your Commodore back up and running without a huge price tag with help from Pick A Part. We know that when your vehicle breaks down, it can often be expensive, which is why we're in the business of genuine used auto parts. We provide you with quality, reliable spare parts at a competitive price, and a fraction of the cost of buying new parts. Since we're one of the largest auto wreckers in Melbourne, there aren't many parts that we don't have or can't find. You can search our online database for vehicles out in the yards this week. As we're completely self serve, you need to visit us to see if the parts you require are available for you to remove.

Tips for self serve parts

To ensure a successful self serve experience with us at Pick A Part, we'd like to make some recommendations. The first is to do your research, as this will increase the chance of finding the part you need. Some genuine parts are interchangeable, which means we might not need to have your specific vehicle to have the part you need. When you do visit us, please make sure you're prepared with the right footwear, clothing and tools. When you arrive, check our prices on the pricing board before you remove a part. Always allow yourself enough time to find the vehicle and remove the parts that you need before closing time. For more tips or information, please speak to the Pick A Part team.


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Kilsyth Vic. 3137

Phone: 9728 3855
Fax: 9728 3297

Melway Reference: Map 51 10J
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Sell Your Car:   0413 904 368
Scrap Metal: 03 9728 3855


1904 Hume Highway
Campbellfield Vic. 3061

Phone: 9357 0960
Fax: 9357 0970

Melway Reference: Map 7F3
(Opposite Ford, next to Simsmetal)